Saturday, July 4, 2020

Kwabena Kwabena Breaks Silence On Allegations Made By Nana Kontihene | Video

Kwabena Kwabena Breaks Silence On Allegations Made By Nana Kontihene

Ghanaian musician and guitarist " George Kwabena Adu" known in showbiz as Kwabena Kwabena has finally broken silence on allegations aroused by Nana Kontihene that he discovered Kwabena Kwabena, indicating that he should not be identified as Kontihene's boy.

According to Kwabena Kwabena, he really appreciates the support Nana Kontihene gave him in making his song " Aso Hit". He acknowledged the fact that he assisted him in working on the promotion of the song to attain a higher level but Kontihene should not say things to tarnish his image.

He explained how Nana Kontihene changed towards him due to his success in getting a hit song after he cursed him that he would never in his music career have a hit song.

“It looks like Kontihene cannot sleep without mentioning my name. I am only responding to him because he’s made certain statements which is illegal.

First of all, Kontihene didn’t discover me. He came to look for me while I was working as a vocalist at Hush Hush studios, I am not Kontihene’s boy.

He helped me in recording and promoting my song ‘Aso’ but we fell out soon after that”,

Kwabena Kwabena revealed.

He further explained that he refused to collaborate with him on a song when he called him on a song in 2016, adding that, he has no idea why Kontihene is trying his best to bring him down because he has never indulged himself in drug abuse and cocaine usage.

“I don’t have a problem with Kontihene but what gives him the right to say I do drugs, very serious allegations.

I am taking Kontihene to court so he should get ready. He always tries to run me down on any chance he gets. I will take him on”,

Kwabena Kwabena Added.


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