Saturday, June 27, 2020

Stranded Ghanaians In Kurdistan Plead With Ghanaian Government To Help In Their Evacuation

Stranded Ghanaians In Kurdistan Plead With Ghanaian Government To Help In Their Evacuation

Ghanaians stranded in Erbil and some other parts of Greater Kurdistan are requesting the Government of Ghana, to hear their humble plea and to come to aid, to help in their evacuation amid COVID-19.

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has caused most of the countries in the world to close their bothers and to also restrict, the arrival of visitors from other countries, in order to maintain the spread of disease.

Some Ghanaians were however stranded in countries like the UK, US, Nigeria, and the others due to their inability to return back to their country, according to the directives initiated by the president in controlling the disease.

All borders were closed and airports were not opened as well for visitors and citizens from other countries.

The high toll of death as a result of COVID-19 in some countries like Italy, made some Ghanaian citizens abroad very scared, thereby releasing statements to reach out to the government, to evacuate them from the affected countries.

In order to evacuate them safely without the rapid spread of the virus, the Foreign Ministry and its Missions abroad, in collaboration with key MDAs such as the Interior and Aviation Ministries, and the Ghana Immigration Service, put forward measures to evacuate stranded Ghanaians from some country, which they did.

Most people have been evacuated, tested, and have received treatments but some citizens seem to be stuck out there, struggling hard to get the help of the government to be evacuated from Kurdistan.

In an interview with one Ghanaian citizen( Elizabeth Fosu) in Erbil, a Capital of Kurdistan, Ghanaian citizens are stranded and are really having a hard time in Kurdistan. She indicated that a committee was organized when they heard that, the government was evacuating citizens from other countries but no Ghanaian authority, came to their aid.

According to her, they got the information that, a huge amount was to be paid in addition to hotel fees but they could not accept that due to the hardship Ghanaians are facing in Kurdistan.

" I'm currently living in Erbil, which is Kurdistan, everything was normal until they closed the bothers, the government promised to evacuate stranded Ghanaians back to Ghana which gave us hope but we heard a huge amount for ticket and hotel fee, being circulated around."

" Life is really hard here and many of us want to come home "

Elizabeth Fosu Stated

" We actually created a group for the stranded Ghanaians who would want to come home, but we filled some forms which were given out to us to fill so every detail can be documented and processed but we heard nothing from the authorities."

" So we also want to know if the government has forgotten us or has no hand in our evacuation"

She added

In addition, she provided a sad video of a woman, who was walking outside without even remembering any of her families but stated she was from Accra, Larbadi.

In view of this, we humbly request the authorities and other government officials to help in evacuating stranded Ghanaians in Kurdistan as life has really become tough for them amid COVID-19

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