Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Kenyan Woman Falls Into A Dam And Dies Whilst Posing For A Picture

A female resident of Kenya, identified as Dorcas Jepkemoi Chumba, has been reported death amid selfie-taking with her fiance Benjamin Kazungu after she accidentally fell into a dam whilst posing for the camera.

This unfortunate incident occurred in Chepkiit Waterfalls, located in Nandi County, a suburb of Kenya, on Sunday, dated August 30.

According to the Fiance of the victim, he planned the trip to the site of the incident with his fiancee and he was in charge of taking her pictures but did not know it was a goodbye.

He added that all his attempts in saving his love were to no avail as the heavy flow in the dam took her away in just a few seconds.

“I encountered the worst scene of my life. Seeing her sinking helplessly into the water and my effort proving futile breaks my heart even more,” here fioance stated

Her fiance revealed that family members and loved ones have been camping at the site of the incident to help retrieve her lifeless body.

“We have been camping here since Sunday, local divers have been trying, but they are yet to get the body out,”

“Painful as it is, it has happened, and we accept it, what we are requesting is help to retrieve the body for burial,”  her brother Kiptoo stated 

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