Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Young Rich Boy Goes Mad After Sakawa |Video|

Young Rich Boy Goes Mad After Sakawa |Video|

An alleged sakawa young guy has gone mad as a result of his inability to obey the commands of the devil he got involved with, to obtain his riches.

This man who is yet to be identified was once captured in a video showering expensive branded gifts and bundles of dollars on his girlfriend, to show his affection towards her.

The lush birthday party he organized for his girlfriend got social media users reacting as they wondered how a young guy who was not working, could afford such a lavish party, hence, attributing it to the fact that, he is a sakawa boy.

The lady who is said to have left her boyfriend for the rich young guy, with much excitement, accepted his proposal with no delay due to his richness.

Hmm, Not all that glitter is gold.

A new video that has gone viral on all social media platforms shows that this young guy has gone completely mad. 

He was seen on the street, with his nakedness and was only in a boxer short. He was captured in the video, removing his boxer shorts to showcase his private part.

With much annoyance, some people were captured by bullying and slapping him for what he did.

The girlfriend who ignored her normal relationship for the alleged Sakawa boy is said to be at large and is nowhere to be found.

Watch the video below.

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