Sunday, July 5, 2020

Ridge Hospital Workers Hot Over Death Of 24 yrs Years Woman From COVID-19 Misdiagnosis

Ridge Hospital Workers Hot Over Death Of 24 yrs Years Woman From  COVID-19 Misdiagnosis

Health Workers of Accra Regional Hospital is in trouble, following the accusations made by a 50 years old Widow " Polina Agyemang" that, the death of her 24 years old daughter who died in the Ridge Hospital in Accra, was as a result of medical negligence and Covid-19 Misdiagnosis on the part of the nurses and doctors who handled her daughter's medical care.

The deceased identified as " Barbara Oforiwaa Agyemang" died six "6" days after she was sent the COVID-19 health facility following a suspected case of Coronavirus amid laboratory investigation resulting in a denial of proper medical treatment leading to her sudden demise.

The death of this young beautiful and vibrant woman has been a big blow to her mother and family as she hit the bucket, 11 days to her 24 birthday.

Speaking in an interview with GHOne TV's reporter " Evelyn Araba Aidoo", mother of the deceased " Polina Agyemang" explained that, in their stay at the hospital, she asked her deceased daughter if samples had been taken to the laboratory for the test but she said no. meanwhile, the nurse in charge had told her that her daughter's sample had already been taken.

She added that the doctors informed her that, the deceased was to remain in the ward until the result is released and not sent to the COVID-19 emergency.

Angry mother and relatives of the angry mother of the deceased lamented on poor health services and unnecessary delays they faced in the emergency department which worsened the case of her daughter.

The deceased was first sent to Faith Evangelical Hospital situated in Bubuashi on June 6 and was readmitted on June 9.

She was given a request to do an ultrasound scan to rule out appendicitis at Paradise Diagnostic Center and was referred to Ridge Hospital on June 11 for further treatment.

Her relatives provided proof to back how some nurses treated the deceased, hence requesting the government to take action to stop the negligence of health workers which put lives of clients and patients at risk and to gain justice for their beloved.

Speaking with one of the doctors, she indicated that, the patient was managed for some underlying conditions which include Bilateral Bronchopneumonia, and acute pyelonephritis on the ward, but was sent to the Covid-19 emergency department after she started having difficulties in breathing and Covid-19 was suspected even though she was also treated when Pulmonary Embolism was ruled out.

Her Covid-19 test results came out negative whereas other laboratory investigations indicated that she died as a result of Pulmonary Embolism, Acute Pyelonephritis, and Bilateral Bronchopneumonia.

The Director of the health facility explained that investigations would be done to rule out the nurses and doctors who were involved, cross-check medical treatment, and health services that were given for the truth to prevail.

He added that measures would be put in place to prevent occurrences of such incidents in the hospital.

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