Saturday, July 11, 2020

Keche Andrew Breaks Silence On Lady's Curse

Keche Andrew Breaks Silence On  Lady's Curse

Keche Andrew, a member of the Keche Brothers
the group has finally reacted to the allegations and curses rained on him with strong gods in the country, by his ex-girlfriend " Adwoa Spendilove" following leakage of her naked pictures on social media.

Recently, his angry ex-girlfriend Spendilove, attacked him on social media after her naked pictures were released because she believed Keche Andrew did it since he was the only person who had accessed to it when they were together.

In an interview with Fiifi Pratt, on  Afrojoint of Kingdom Plus FM, Keche Andrew when quizzed on why his ex-girlfriend Spendilove cursed him over leakage of her nude pictures, he indicated that he would reveal everything regarding the issue at the right time.

He explained that he has kept quiet over the matter because he has not yet been given the go-ahead to talk about it in an interview.

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