Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Pregnant Woman Killed, 3yrs Daughter Stabbed By Robbers In Santasi

Pregnant Woman Killed, 3yrs Daughter Stabbed By Robbers In Santasi

Suntreso District police command has reported the sudden demise of a pregnant woman who was attacked by armed robbers in their home with her husband and little daughter, stabbed and severely injured.

According to the report given to, the sad incident happened at dawn around  1:30am, which was a Saturday dated  June 20, 2020, in Heman/Ampatia New-Site, near Santasi in Ashanti Region.

The victims involved in this case include the deceased, "Juliana Adusei ", her husband "  Pastor Francis Adusei" and their three 6 years old girl who is yet to be identified.

The husband of the deceased and founder and leader of Mountain Zion International Church, in his statement to the police, indicated that his family was attacked at dawn when in bed with his wife and three years old daughter in the bedroom.

Family members of the victims explained that the bandits inflicted stabbed wound on the little girl's abdomen and on the right neck of her mother after they were informed that the only money yleft with them was the $1,000 they had retrieved from them after which they rushed out of the house on the arrival of the police.

“They were three young men, two wielding kitchen knives and the other holding a pistol. They pushed him inside his bedroom and demanded that he handed over all the monies he recently withdrew from the bank,”

“The poor little girl started bleeding profusely and so the deceased, who could not withstand her daughter’s ordeal attempted to overpower the robbers but unfortunately, she was also knifed at her right neck. She fell unconscious and died minutes later,”

family members explained what happened at the incident

Upon the arrival of the police, the pregnant mother had become lifeless so the dead body and the three years old child who was bleeding profusely were sent to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi for the preservation of the lifeless body and for the child to also receive treatment.

Cases of theft and murder have been on the rise in the area due to the inactive police station in the town. The recent death case recorded increasing the death toll to four has put fears into the community members as they are scared they would fall victim to what has happened.

The Assemblyman for the district has put before the high authorities to come to their aid and to help make the police station function effectively in order to ensure the safety of his people.

“If we can revive the watchdog committee that will be helpful because where we are now, we are all worried. The situation is very appalling and I pray authorities come to our aid,”

67-year-old Victoria Abareman said.

"It appears our security can’t be guaranteed. The community has built a police station in this town but personnel is yet to be deployed to man it, and so as you can see it has been taken over by weeds and reptiles. We pray that one day this project will serve its purpose,”

the Assemblyman said

Police of Suntreso District has taken up the case to ensure the bandits involved in this violent and cruel act, would be apprehended to face the court. Hence requesting members of the community to assist them in their investigations for justice and peace to prevail.

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