Saturday, June 27, 2020

Hanks Anuku " Nollywood Actor" Break Silence On His Death Rumors | Video

Nigerian-Ghanaian actor " Hanks Anuku," has broken silence on rumors that he is dead by sharing with his fans different videos to prove that he is alive on his Instagram pages on Monday, June 22, 2020.

“I am Hank Anuku Nollywood Actor n I’m Alive. My haters r dead n Jesus Christ is my deliverer n he liveth. Poisonous press vipers on the prowl but they shall b perplexed n disappointed in Jesus’s name Amen. 1love fans,”

He stated

With regard to the false rumors that went viral, he requested the public and fans to not listen to the fake rumors of those who wish he is dead as his life is not in the hands of man but his lord. He further indicated some bible scriptures to back his statements and to condemn all grapevines about his death.

“I am live. Don’t listen to the poisonous press vipers. God is in charge of my life. But the end of the wicked must be certain, that’s what God told me,”

He added

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