Monday, June 22, 2020

Autopsy Report Of Murdered Ofankor Tenant By Landlord Has Been Released

The police have disclosed that the autopsy report for the Ofankor based musician and tenant who was killed by his landlord over the expiration of rent is now ready.

According to Stephen Ahialey, Chief Inspector and Prosecutor indicated that the information has been made known to the Abeka District Court and would be processed to the office of the Attorney General.

All processes involved prior to judgment were explained in detail to some members of the family and they were warned to stop well-wishers from crowding and making violence at the court.

The case was adjourned to  July 6, due to the absence of the suspect " Stephen Nana Kamkam " also known as "  Nii Kojo Konim Obio-Cyhoera" who shot his tenant to death. 

 Chief Inspector Ahialey, indicated that the accused was captured on the day of incident dated 25th May, after which he pleaded guilty in court and was charged with the murder of the musician.

According to the report gathered, the deceased requested a renewal of the rent after expiration on 24th May, after which the landlord approved but later reached out to him to vacate his house.

He explained that the deceased was attacked in the house, where the landlord requested his keys after he came down from a taxi and later shot the tenant four times, leading to his sudden demise.

Knowing the cruel behavior of the landlord, he telephoned one John Bosco Kotah who is a police officer to come to his aid. Upon arrival, he saw the landlord with a weapon in his hand which triggers his action to call on for help from another colleague.

To his surprise, the landlord had already fired the gun. Kotah runs out only to see him running away from the scene. He made an attempt to follow him but had to stop due to insecurity to rush the victim to Anecja Hospital at Tantra Hills but was confirmed dead after he was transferred to the police hospital.

Mr. Ahialey added that a team of police and other executives were deployed to go and analyze the incident and area of the event.

During the investigations, some weapons retrieved include Four spent AA cartridges, and Two pump action guns, loaded with seven and eight rounds of cartridges, He was the later captured around Ofankor Spot-M.

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