Thursday, April 30, 2020

April 30, 2020

Demon Breaker Reveals Ghanaian Fake Pastors He Had Encounter With In The Occultic World

There are a lot of pastors and self acclaimed prophets in Ghana. Due to their actions, prophecies and miracles towards the church, some ghanaians doubt their work in God's ministry whilst others consider them as their God.
Demon Breaker, who was once a subordinate of Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim, in an interview on NET2 TV, divulged some fake pastors in Ghana who are involved in occultism.
He went ahead to say that, he was introduced into the occultic world after he moved his church from suhum to Greater Accra.
According to him, the first pastor he had an encounter with he joined the occult group, was pastor kwadwo Sarpong, one big pastor who owned a church at pig farm and is popularly known as '' Ampae a 3dwa''.
He added that, he was instructed by Bishop Obinim to cuddle with his own sister and has also slept with over 300 Ghanaian women.
According to Demon Breaker, he can pinpoint all the fake pastors here in Ghana because he has had encounter with most Ghanaians in the occultic world.
He said most of these men do not sleep at night stressing on Rev. Obofour.
Below are the names of the few pastors he mentioned.
  1. Bishop Daniel Obinim
  2. Prophet Chris Asante, Abruku Abruka/ Supreme 1
  3. Rev Obofour
  4. Agya Dan
  5. Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom, Prophet 1
  6. Kwadwo Sarpong, Ampae a 3dwa
  7. Pastor Love
Check the video below

April 30, 2020

Funny Face - I am giving all these haters a period of seven years, they will lose whatever they desire in this life.

The Children's President Funny Face, has again descended on  his colleagues,Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, Sandra Ababio, Kalybos and Bismark The Joke in a video trending online.
He rained curses on them amid tears for messing him up and telling lies to tarnish his image. He angrily attacked them and stated that, all their secrets would be revealed if they dare him.
“I have cursed all those insulting me without knowing what I am going through. I am giving all these haters a period of seven years, they will lose whatever they desire in this life. You will all go through my pain and if Liwin, Sandra Ababio, Kalybos and Bismark The Joke dares me, I will expose their secrets”, Funny Face fired.
This beef started after Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin said in an interview that, Funny Face wasn't supposed to be crowned Ghana's Favourite Comedian.His two friends Bismark The joke and Kalybos have been involved where Funny Face, considered them as betrayers.
Funny Face's Godfather, Adebayor has stated that, he would give Funny Face his full support to fight for his peace.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

April 29, 2020

Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin Swerve Fans In His Response To Funny Face

Ghanaian actor popularly known as Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin replied Funny Face's dare to say ''fi'' after the childrens president ''Funny Face'' said he was going to expose him, Kalybos and Bismark The Joke.
Yesterday, he posted that, Ghanaians should watch out for him at exactly 5pm, as he would be streaming live on all his social media platforms.
On his official instagram page, he posted beneath his picture that “Who Said Man No dey , ok by 5pm this evening… we streaming live on all my platforms''
YouTube: Wezzy Empire TV
Facebook: OfficialLilWin
Twitter: Officiallilwin”

Fans got disappointed because Lilwin came out with a different motive other than what was expected. He was seen beautifully dressed in a kente regalia. 

Before he started, he stood for Ghana's national anthem and stated how he respects everyone and also being appreciative of how his fans had helped him to be who he is today.

Fans were expecting him to address the issue funny face had raised but nothing of that sort happened. 

He was rather educating his people on the preventive measures, put in place to help curb COVID-19 pandemic, advertising products and promoting brands.


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

April 28, 2020

Shatta Michy Finally Breaks Silence On The Paternity of Shatta Majesty

Currently, there have been rumours and allegations about the paternity of Shatta Majesty, the adorable son of Shatta Wale. It has been on the news that, Shatta Wale, the controversial Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall Artiste, is not the real father of Majesty. 
This rumours got ghanaians talking but his mum Michy was silent over the issue. Few minutes after an instagram blogger hit back on the issue, Shatta Michy gave a reply to finally break her silence on the matter.
Michy lambasted an instagram blogger after he posted on his wall, an image of Majesty, claiming he does not resemble his father Shatta Wale.
“@akonkonsafuor from your level of reasoning, I believe you believe the child was conceived by 2 men cuz kids can’t look like their mums, right?? Mr Gyimieson ooiinn,” she replied him.
Check the screenshot below:

April 28, 2020

Funny Face Angrily Fires Back At Lilwin, Kalybos And Bismark The Joke

The beef between Lilwin and Funny face, seems not to end anytime soon. He has come out to respond to the statements made by Kwadwo Nkansah popularly known as Lilwin in showbizz, Bismark the joke and Kalybos.

According to Funny Face, all the alleged claims made by his colleagues are false. He went ahead to say that, Bismark the joke is ungrateful, as he has been going about, claiming ownership of the comedy series he introduced him in titled '' Cow and Chicken'' despite everything he has done for him.
In a viral video, trending on instagram,  Funny Face expressed how much betrayed he feels with the action of his colleagues and as well called out the trio angrily.
“Funny Face you’ve been destroyed for too long come out, Lil Win, Kalybos, Bismark The Joke, what have I done to you?” he asked in the video.
Check the video below:


Sunday, April 26, 2020

April 26, 2020

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong Fires Back At Husbands Who Wants To Sue Him

The beef between Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and Angel Obinim seems not to end anytime soon.

The Assin Central MP leaked the pictures of some ladies he claimed Angel Obinim sleeps with last week monday. This has caused the husbands of some of these ladies to be furious, which has led them to threaten to sue Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.

The ladies exposed involved Benedicta Gafah and the wife of Nana Aba Anamoah's baby daddy '' Richard Brown aka Osebo''. The exposure of these pictures has got the husbands of these ladies complaining as they claim it is destroying their marriages.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, upon hearing this, came out describing them as fools and stupid, daring them to do their worse as he is ready for them.

watch the video of Hon. Kennedy's reply below

April 26, 2020

Beefing Mood Activated : Kweku Smoke Tells Strongman That His Brand Is Disgusting

A new beef has been activated between Kweku Smoke and Strongman, as Kweku Smoke gave a nasty reply after Strongman warned him to not use his names in his arguments.
This misunderstanding between the two talented rappers, aroused after King Sark was backing the projects of the upcoming artists in Ghana to help them climb the ladder of success.
Kweku Smoke got touched with the good work his boss'' Sarkodie'' is doing and decided to acknowledge and appreciate his love for the young and upcoming artistes.
According to Kweku Smoke, Sarkodie should not listen to the critics that people tag him with, to make him look like a bad person.
He went ahead to say that, if Sarkodie, had paid attention to some comments made about him and if he had not also retweeted Strongman's songs, Strongman wouldn't have gain this much publicity.
After reading this on Kweku's twitter page, he felt disrespected and reacted, warning Kweku to not engage him in his arguments.
Kweku Smoke angrily replied him, considering his brand as a disgusting one. 
Kweku  Smoke posted on sunday“I know the feeling highest but am happy you be one focused person you do what you want do for others regardless if Enoe be so like strongman e song sef unoe go tweet again..U follow Gh people aa somebody Dey die sef u go lef am make e die..we the young ones Dey appreciate .”
strongman replying tweet said: “Fake people always trying to prove their loyalty outside. What you heard might even be the opposite of what happened Let this be the last time you drag my name in your useless arguments.”

His response has got people talking which indicates how angry he is, whereas others say that kweku's tweet was ambiguous so he should let go and shouldn't be faulted. Some twitter fans also calls for a lyrical war between the two.

Strongman was signed onto the SarkCess Label in 2017, where he got to release hit songs titled Monster’, ‘Transformer’ and ‘Baby Girl’. Under SarkCess Music. He was the winner of 4Styte Music Video Awards in 2017 and also won the Best Rapper award at the maiden edition of the Ghana Music Awards SA (South Africa).

Two years after he got signed onto the label, he parted ways with his boss Sarkodie, which also got people talking and others saying that, Sarkodie has hindered the progress of Strongman.

“Nobody can block your shine, Sarkodie didn’t sign me to block my shine. Because Ghanaians know Sarkodie is a big brand and he signed me, many people thought things would happen soo quickly. I think we didn’t get to meet the fans expectation,” Strongman indicated

Here are a few reactions to Strongman and Kweku Smoke’s brawl!

Masa you lie bad, eii. Lack of knowledge my people perish.
Massa na Wo don’t u see the tweet was ambiguous and could be concluded in both ways.Strongman could be mad cuz he might think Kwaku is after e brouhaha that surrounds hw he left Sarkcess. Home Econs n Visual arts Students trying to stress Strongman.Ad3n aa e tweet was harmless

He’s just tryna say if not for the good heart sarkodie got, like he will never help promote strongman’s songs if he listened to Ghanaians . What is wrong about that? Aah b3ma kumasifo) de3 Yene Abie ooh nti mongyae saa aah 3ny3 Guy koraa. Accra people will laugh at us ooh lol...
Your tweet doesn’t make sense. Sark already knows da fact and obviously the right person to know how to react to each Strongman’s projects. Ghanaians can’t lecture him cuz surely we were not there when they were into their dealings. Smokes comment should have not involved Strong!

Kweku Smoke sed if Sarkodie listened to what people said about him as strongman dey Sarkcess Music nd as he dey leave like He won't still share strongman en works, that's how I understand his tweet but strongman too go get different meaning to that tweet
I honestly don't understand strongman o. I really don't see anything wrong with what kwaku said. Ebi like he no dey like am already or he mean am already but if strongman go make this thing beef, we go drag am hard. Somebody come diss all rappers u act like u no dey Ghana ofui

I think strongman got issues with kweku smoke if not I don't seem wat was wrong with kweku smoke tweet or strongman u want to tell us dat sark block ur shine πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«

Smoke claims Sark promoted Strongman even when he had no reason to... because apparently, they had beef

i think Strong is tryna say what actually happened between them is opposite to what the media portrayed so Smoke doesn’t even know what he’s talkin abt. Hence the anger 

Kweku Smoke could have made his point without adding Strongman ein name. But as Kumasi nigga I won't love to see dem beef. Smoke o Strong o we move πŸ‘πŸ‘Š

The message from strongman shows there’s a problem n many will make news off it if he himself doesn’t make it straight, those outside fake love, Ebi r those?! Cuz the initial tweet was to support Sark initiative! 

So basically @StrongmanBurner is saying whatever the Smoke guy heard that made him feel like using him(strongman) in his assertion could be wrong so there was no need using the unsubstantiated information to make any statements that sort to make him undeserved of Sark's shout out

Is he going to substantiate the fact that there’s a squabble between the two?
Others are asking why he didn’t mention Akwaboah’s name but we know it’s Strongman’s issue that people and even the media used to denigrate Sark all the time. The post was talking about comments people made about his signing of Strongman and not what Strong has done

Bah on a more serious note if strongman and kweku smoke start demma beef who en side we go dey ??let be frank with dis

@StrongmanBurner You claim to be a graduate but you lack intelligence, What Kweku Smoke Tweet Wasn't Something bad... If you even have something with him off scene least dwag the tweet because he spit positive

As Kweku Smoke bi sarknative de3 u people are telling us Strongman doesnt understand English. But if it were some other rapper, u would have gladly hanged his head on the spike.

Nkwasea asslicking industry sei🀦🏿‍♂️